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Advanced OBi Configuration

Last Updated: Apr 16, 2014 12:37PM PDT

OBi Configuration (All Models)

With our Bring Your Own Device initiative, we make it easy for VoIP users with OBi devices to switch the configuration on their device to continue to make and receive telephone calls with our company. Advanced users, check out the instructions for manual configuration in the second section below!
Advanced Configuration

The first step in configuring your OBi device is getting the configuration details from our website. Log into your account at and click on the Devices on the left side of the screen. Under that select Softphone/BYOD. 
When the tab loads, it will bring up a table with all the information needed to configure your OBi device as seen below. You will need the User Name and Password for later.
After you have the information from the table in the Softphone/BYOD page, open a new tab to access and log in using your OBiTALK account. 

If you already have a device added, click on the device you wish to reconfigure under the My OBi Devices List. The list will contain all of your devices with OBiTALK and will look like the one below:

By selecting an OBi device from the list, you open the device configuration screen. To set it up for use with Vestalink service, click on the Voice Service Provider Set-Up button near the bottom of the page. 

On the next screen, click Next Under OBiTALK Compatible Service Providers.

Acknowledge OBiTALK's warning about emergency calls by clicking Accept.

Select  near the bottom of the alphabetical provider list to access the final configuration screen. Here's how the configuration screen looks:

Be sure to check the box for Use This Service for Emergency 911 Calls. You can configure ten digit dialing for numbers local to your area code by inputting your Area Code in the 7-Digit Dialing for USA & CAN field.

You will then have to enter your SIP Username and Password from the Softphone/BYOD tab of your Vestalink web portal.

When you complete the configuration page click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. 

Congratulations! Your OBi Device is now ready to make and receive calls using your new service with Vestalink!


Switching service providers isn't always easy, with Google Voice discontinuing support for OBi devices in May 2014, we want to make sure your continued use of Voice over IP service is convenient, affordable, and stress free. If there is anything else we can do to make this process of transition easier on you please contact us as we would be happy to assist you! 

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