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Residential 500/2000 Minute Plans

Last Updated: Mar 12, 2015 08:32AM PDT
Some of the plans offered by Vestalink are the Basic Residential Plan and the Lite plan which feature a 500 or 2000 minute limit, respectively, on inbound and outbound calls. 

How do the minutes apply?

The minutes offered with these types of subscriptions apply to all incoming and outgoing calls, including calls made to Toll Free numbers. 

How do I check how many minutes I have used?

There are a few ways for you to monitor the usage on your Vestalink account. On your web portal, the Billing page will offer a minute counter in graphical form for you to see how many minutes you have used versus how many minutes are left on the account.

A second method of checking to see how many minutes remain on your account is dialing 646 from the phone on your Vestalink configured adapter or program.

Finally, you can set up Minute Notifications and we will send you an email or text message notification when your account drops below a certain amount of minutes. to set up Minute Notifications log in to your web portal and expand the Notifications tab, click on Minute Notifications, and type in at how many minutes left do you want notifications to be sent out and add your email address or cell phone number so we know how to reach you with those messages!

What happens if I go over the minute limit?

If all of the included minutes are taken the account will no longer be able to make and receive calls until the next month. However, the account can be upgraded to a higher tiered plan or unlimited plan at any time. Also, "Anytime Minutes" can be added to the account through the Billing section of the web portal.

What are Anytime Minutes?

“Anytime Minutes” can be purchased if you run out of plan minutes, anytime minutes will carry over month to month.
These minutes will only be used if your run out of plan minutes.

100 Minutes - $10
500 Minutes - $20
1000 Minutes - $35
2500 Minutes - $60
5000 Minutes - $100

Do minutes roll over into the next month?

At this time included minutes do not roll over to the next month. At the beginning of the next month the account resets to either 500 or 2000 minutes depending on your subscription. Anytime Minutes that are not used will carry over to the next month.

How are minutes counted?

We use the 60/60 method for counting minutes. This means calls that last seconds will be rounded up to the next minute. A minute will be counted even if a call lasts only 2 seconds.

If you have any other questions regarding the Basic Residential plans, feel free to contact us as we would be happy to assist you!

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