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Spoofing Outbound Caller ID

Last Updated: Feb 28, 2014 04:20PM PST
Vestalink allows customers to set their outbound Caller ID to something other that the default number on their account so long as they can verify that the number they are using belongs to them. This is especially useful if you are forwarding a number to us that you have not yet transferred to us and want to set it as your outbound Caller ID so that it appears, to others, that all your phone calls are coming from and going to the same place.

To set up Caller ID spoofing, access your web portal and click on the Numbers tab on the left.
Click on Spoof Caller ID in the list that the Numbers tab reveals. When it opens the new window type in the number that you want to use for your outbound Caller ID.

Click on Verify Ownership. The system will generate a two digit code and call the number you just typed in. When you answer the automated call, it will prompt you to enter that two digit code.

In our example case, the Verification Code is 72. When you receive the automated call and are prompted to enter the two digit Verification Code dial it in and the automated call will confirm that your number is verified and hang up. The web portal will also refresh the page to reflect the success.

Your outbound Caller ID will now be the number that you typed in and verified. If you ever want to set your outbound Caller ID back to your default number just open the Spoof Caller ID tab again and click the Reset button.

That's all there is to it! Since Vestalink accounts are limited to one outbound caller ID you can only spoof one number at a time but you can switch it whenever you would like as long as you can verify ownership of the number.

**Please note that your spoofed Caller ID will not show up on E911 calls to a 911 call center. It will display the actual number on your account as that is the only number we can guarantee you can be reached at in the event that 911 dispatchers need to call you back.

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