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Forward Google Voice calls to Vestalink

Last Updated: Mar 06, 2015 08:39AM PST
Since Vestalink offers the ability to spoof outbound Caller ID to any number that you can verify ownership of, you can avoid the Google fee of $3 and forward all calls that are going to your Google Voice number so that they ring on devices associated with your Vestalink account.

Update: You must have a paid subscription for this to work.

To do this sign in to your Google Voice account at and click on your number at the left side of the screen.
Click on Add another phone at the bottom of the page that opens. Enter the information of the number you would like your Google Voice calls to forward to and click Save.

You can also define advanced settings such as Voicemail options and Ring Scheduling on this page. After you click Save make sure the box is checked next to your added number so that your calls forward.

Your Google Voice calls will now ring through to your Vestalink number! Keep in mind that since the inbound call is still going through GV service all Voicemail will redirect to them instead of Vestalink and the call quality will be determined by GV. 

To make it look like outbound calls are coming from that GV number, check out our tutorial on how to Spoof your Outbound Caller ID.

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