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Configuring Your E911 Information / Formatting Your Address

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2014 04:22PM PST
When you create an account or update your E911 information in your web portal, you will be greeted by a screen like this:

Sometimes it's not always clear what elements of your home address belong in which field so this article is designed to guide you through the E911 configuration process and get rid of that confusion!

First is the Name

The first and last name on your account belong here.

Address Type

Select what type of location is represented by the address we are configuring. Whether it is Residential (a house or apartment) or business (office, warehouse, store)

House/Building Number

This is the number that appears on your house. The first set of numbers on your address.

(House Number) Suffix

If your house number has a suffix, such as a letter, add it in the suffix field that is to the right of House/Building Number field. 


If your street has a directional in front of it's name, select it from the drop menu here. (Example; South First Street)

Street Name

Put the name of your street here. (Do not include a street type such as "ST, or Avenue")

Street Type

Now put in the street type by selecting it from the drop down menu. Types include Avenue, Boulevard, Circle, Street, and many more.

(Street) Suffix

If your address has a directional that comes after the street name, put it here. (Example: First Avenue Northeast)


If your address has an Apartment or Room number (Example: Apartment B, Apt. A, #24) place it here.

City, State, and ZIP

The last three fields are populated with the city, state, and ZIP code on your address.

Use the five digit ZIP code for your area and you will have completed updated your E911 information!

Click submit at the bottom of the E911 Dispatch Info page to save your submission/update.

Don't forget to check the functionality of your E911 service. 

If you have any other questions about E911 setup please feel free to contact us as we would be happy to assist you!


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