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Using My PhoneBook and Speed Dial

Last Updated: Apr 23, 2015 10:44AM PDT
Vestalink offers the ability for you to add numbers to a phone book in your web portal. This allows you to define a customized Caller ID for the number you put in, allowing you to more easily recognize incoming calls. You can also assign a speed dial number to your PhoneBook entry so that calls to your contacts are easier to dial.

We also support voice dialing of phonebook contacts, see more.

My PhoneBook

To access your Phone Book log into your web portal using your Vestalink credentials and click on Calls on the right.

Under Calls, click on My PhoneBook. 
To add a new entry to your Phone Book, click on the green button labeled Add to "My PhoneBook" +.

Type in the name and their ten digit telephone number, then click Save.

Once you save the number into your Phone Book, all future calls from that number will display the Name you provided as their Caller ID. All future call entries in the Call Log for that number will show the name as well. Please note that past entries will not be updated to the new name.

A second way to add entries to your Phone Book is to click Add by an entry in your Call Log. A window will pop up for you to type in the name you want for that contact. Once you do it will be added to your Phone Book.

A third way to add entries would be to import a contact list by clicking on Import/Export My Phonebook at the top right of the PhoneBook page.

Both Local and International numbers can be added to your PhoneBook.

Speed Dial

To set up Speed Dial on a PhoneBook entry type in the number you want to use as a speed dial for that contact into the Speed Dial field before clicking Save.
Now when you call that Speed Dial number you will be connected to your PhoneBook contacts phone number. 

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